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About Funded

Funded  was founded by a banker who was tired of seeing hard working and deserving small businesses and real estate investors get denied access to funding due to never ending guidelines and overlays of programs that were supposed to be designed to help but instead only let the companies and investors who didn’t actually need funding get access to their funding. So with our clients in mind and knowing that not all situations, businesses or real estate investments are the same we decided to make sure that everyone had a chance at getting Funded without all of the extra unnecessary red tape that the big banks have. It’s our goal to see hard working people achieve their dreams through their small businesses and real estate investing. We pride ourselves on helping small businesses and real estate investors succeed and contribute to their communities.


Funded uses technology, experience and common sense to quickly evaluate your business or real estate investment Funding need. We then let you know exactly where you stand, and what financing options are available to you for your business or real estate investment, all typically within 24 hours. So if you have been told no by a big corporate bank or even your smaller local bank don’t worry there still may be an option to get you the Funding that you need.


Don’t wait contact us today to see if you qualify to get Funding as soon as today!