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3 Ways To Stand Out On Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is a very important day for small businesses. Not only is it a day for the community to show support for local small businesses, it is also a day for you to show these members of your community why they should keep coming back even after Small Business Saturday.

So here are 3 ways to stand out and hopefully capture some lifetime customers.


1. Use Social Media

Yes I know it may seem obvious but during the rush of things you may forget to do this. But encouraging customers to check in to your location, tag your business and even asking if you can take and post pictures of them to your page are all ways that your business is going to stand out and draw more attention. Also during the rush do a quick live video showing people how busy you are, how they should come in soon before everything is gone and how much you appreciate all of your customers will make a huge impact on how the public sees your business.

2. Offer a special program

No I am not talking about slashing all of your prices for that day, I am talking about making an offer for the customers that do come in to encourage them to come back. Such as a 10% off coupon for their next visit or for everyone that checks in and tags the business in a photo gets a coupon something along those lines. Small Business Saturday is not the day to slash prices, people are there to show their support so you slashing prices like one of the Big Box guys not only kills your profit margin but it is completely unnecessary.

3. De-Clutter

Look I know that you offer 157 different products in your store BUT this is not the time to display them all. With the extra foot traffic you do not want your store to be hard to maneuver and you don’t want people to feel overwhelmed by the large selection. Display your best products as this will help ease the stress of people buying and crowd. I am not saying throw all of your other products away but maybe post a sign that says other products available please ask for assistance. People that were looking for that key chain they saw 2 weeks ago will definitely  ask you about it and it will be a simple walk to the back to grab it for them all while still making sure the space isn’t crowded and that your top products are on display.

Now these tips are based on our opinions and may or may not work for your business so please know your market and customers before implementing these and then blaming us if things do not go as planned.

Good Luck This Small Business Saturday!

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