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✋ 5 Situations that Call for Fast Alternative Funding

1. Inventory

Sometimes you come across a great deal on inventory that you may not necessarily need at the time but for the price they are offering you don;t want to pass it up. Other times you just need to get inventory to run your business but cash flow may be tight. So taking getting a loan may be the quick option to get the inventory you need and keep your business running smoothly. 


2. Unexpected growth

Marketing is great and sometimes it works really well to the point that you get an unexpected flood of clients that force you to grow in order to keep up with demand. Or maybe you are like a previous client of ours that is a contractor that received a contract that had a shorter time frame than they were used to so they needed to hire more staff in order to make the time line work and keep the client happy. 


3. New Equipment

Equipment is necessary to run your business, however it is not made to last forever. So there are times that you may need to get new upgraded equipment. Or maybe there is an accident with one of your pieces of equipment requiring you to replace it. Whatever the reason, equpiment is typically not cheap but getting it quickly is necessary and that is where we can help.

4. Making payroll

Invoice sent

Invoice viewed

Invoice still unpaid

Just becasue your clients have not paid you on time does not mean you can not pay your employees on time. This creates a lot of stress on business owners. But instead of stressing out about it you can simply get a short term loan to help you cover payroll and other business expenses while you wait on your cash flow to get back to normal.

5. Seasonal marketing

No matter what the season or holiday is there is always an oppertunity to increase your sales by running a promotion. However these efforts although very profitable do cost a bit more typically due to the fact that marketing companies know that they can charge more due to the high demand. So the question is do I market and make extra sales this seasonor holiday or do I just hope it all works out? Of course you market and that is where we can help, we can help you get the capital needed for your marketing thus creating a potential cash flow issue. 

No matter what your need is we are here to help you. 

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